Lethal Flash IT 2 1111A254 100
Lethal Flash IT 2 1111A254 100
Lethal Flash IT 2 1111A254 100
Lethal Flash IT 2 1111A254 100

Lethal Flash IT 2 1111A254 100

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The LETHAL FLASH™ IT 2 shoe is a comfortable, lightweight boot for recreational footballers, designed with good grip and improved flexibility when performing agile movements on the field.

This iteration of the LETHAL FLASH™ IT 2 is part of the Voyager Pack which showcases the culture of football and global diversity. The Voyager pack has been designed alongside Māori and Pacific athletes and the colours and design is inspired by their heritage.

This design uses traditional art to share the roots of pacific innovation, knowledge and strength. The stories told through these patterns and motifs, bring the achievements of Māori and Pacific ancestors to the forefront, honouring the past, celebrating the current success and inspiring generational prosperity in sports.

The traditional art featured on each style in the Voyager Pack represent:
- Samoan Tatau: The patterns are inspired from the Samoan tatau, and tells the story of the great voyages the ancestors embarked on. The designs and motifs in this pattern represent not only the tools and resources that the ancestors used during these voyages, but also the qualities and values needed that were passed down from past generations.
- Fijian Masi: The patterns in these panels portray the environments that the ancestors were surrounded with while on their voyage. The Fijian masi speaks to the the various landscapes/mountains (ulunivanua) and the importance of the sun (siga), with the combination of the 2 signifying the dawn of a new day (sun rising over the mountains). Every new day was a reminder to their commitment to their family and community.
- Tongan Ngatu: The designs and motifs depicts the quality of bravery the ancestors had when navigating the great seas, represented by the tokelau feletoa (cross section of the tuna fish), as well as reinforcing the values of family, community, & service through the representation of the fata’o’ tui tonga (sennit beam) which portrays the idea of the ancestors duty to carry his family and community in good light.
- Maori Whakairo and Tukutuku: The patterns is inspired from the maori art forms of whakairo (carving) and tukutuku (traditional woven art) and speaks to the importance of tradition, and how we must honour those traditions appropriately and respectfully.

FLYTEFOAM™ cushioning in the midsole, with HG10mm™ Technology provides comfort and protection on the pitch.

The outsole pattern is structured to increase traction while making it easier to pivot. This helps you move side-to-side and switch directions more easily.

Meanwhile, the outsole's flex grooves are designed to promote smoother transitions.

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